Healing Retreat

Very fruitful for those who have been deeply wounded, but also for those who simply want to grow closer to God.  Seeking Healing through a relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, forgiveness, processing childhood trauma, from past relationships, the 7 deadly sins, 7 deadly wounds/lies we believe, and a recipe for mental and spiritual hygiene. Includes two different healing services and a healing Mass.

Our hearts cry, "Abba!"

Jesus Loves me as I am

The Holy Spirit Lifts Me Into Life

A Catholic Therapist Speaks about Unforgiveness and Trauma with Dr Erica Garcia, PhD, LPC

Healing from Broken Relationships

How to Make a Healing Confession

7 Deadly Sins and 7 Deadly Wounds

Healing from a Eucharistic Encounter with Jesus

Mental and Spiritual Hygiene, a recipe for holiness and wholeness

Rosary & Healing Service of Denouncing Lies and Announcing Truth

Healing Mass: Healing the Nation

Our Lady of Corpus Christi - 1200 Lantana - Corpus Christi, TX 78407 - (361)289-9095

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