Can you pray to Mary too much?

“I go directly to Jesus. Mary gets in the way.”

I have to laugh when I hear this. I ask the person, “Why don’t you take your reading glasses off so you can look at the page directly?” I am sure using your reading glasses must distract you from seeing clearly.

Ask a microbiologist to look at the molecules directly, that electron microscope that magnifies 500,000 times surely must get in the way! They care for that thing so much and keep it in a safe place. They’re spending too much time they could be spending looking at microbes directly, without a microscope.

Tell that astrophysicist to stop using that Hubble telescope. It is an obstacle to seeing things far away. They shouldn’t have spent all that money on it when you can just use your plain eyes – directly.

Why is that announcer using that microphone? It is really getting the way of the message he is trying to tell me. I haven’t even looked at his face once. I’m so busy and distracted by the microphone.

Hahahahaha, you catch me? Yeah, it’s weird to think all these instruments would get in the way, when their only job is to magnify the object.

Mary said, “MY SOUL MAGNIFIES THE LORD!” (Luke 1:46). She is an instrument. When you got good tech, you don’t think about it, you are too busy engaged in the reason behind it, the object. JESUS is the object of Mary’s instrumentality.

Once you realize that Mary just magnifies Jesus there is no amount of time or energy you can spend that is going to her too much, because you are going to Jesus. Every time you say Hail Mary! She proclaims Hail Jesus! Every time you run to her, she picks you up and places you in the arms of the Eternal Father. Every time you ask for her intercession she obtains the grace of the Holy Spirit.

When God is far away, she telescopes him. When his voice seems faint, she magnifies him. When his presence seems small in your life she microscopes-up his life in you. When his image is blurry, she is the lens that clarifies Christ’s Word in you.

Also, when you realize how much more powerful she makes Jesus’ presence, his face, his grace, his life in another persons life, is it right for you NOT to introduce her? You must spread devotion to the Immaculate Virgin Mary, that true and deep and powerful devotion to Jesus Christ, the Only Savior and Lord, may take root in people’s lives.

Let’s pray now that this may happen. Hail Mary…

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